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Zzzax (sometimes spelled Zzaxx) is a fictional character, an elemental supervillain in the Marvel Comics universe. He first appeared in The Incredible Hulk #166.

Zzzax is a humanoid creature that was formed from electricity by an accident at a Con Ed nuclear power plant. It absorbed the electricity from the brains of a group of humans, and thus gained sentience. A remorseless killer, Zzzax has often come into conflict with the Hulk. It was once teamed up with a group of energy-themed villains (Graviton, Quantum and Halflife) in a battle with the West Coast Avengers. Although Zzzax has been believed destroyed on several occasions, it inevitably reforms itself.

Zzzax is a creature of pure electricity. It can generate electricity (usually in the form of lightning bolts), manipulate nearby electrical fields, and fly. Zzzax absorbs electricity from the human brain to survive; this usually kills its victims, and usually gives Zzzax temporary personality traits similar to those of the person it has absorbed. Only his foe the Hulk has proven immune to this ability. On one occasion, the Hulk's long-time antagonist General "Thunderbolt" Ross, had his mind transferred into Zzzax's body; he was able to dominate Zzzax's mind, though Ross was apparently killed afterwards.