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Zürich Main Station
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Zürich Main Station

Zürich Main Station (in German: Zürich Hauptbahnhof, sometimes shortened to Zürich HB) is Zurich's central and biggest railway station. Extremely central in situation, it is also large in size and accommodates trains from not only all over Switzerland, but other countries in Europe as well, such as neighbouring France, Italy, Austria and Germany.

The ground floor has sixteen tracks (Tracks 3 - 18). These are for trains coming from major areas in Switzerland as well as most, if not all, international trains, such as the EuroCity, Cisalpino, TCE and InterCity Express.

One floor below lie two tracks (Tracks 1 and 2), for the exclusive usage of SZU regional trains, which head west towards Uetliberg and the western part of the canton of Zürich.

Another floor below, and there are four tracks catering mainly to regional trains in the canton. The S-Bahn trains use the four tracks (Tracks 21 through 24).

In the early 2000s, an extension to the railway station at Sihlpost was opened. Tracks 51 through 54, which form this extended train station, cater to trains running through Switzerland.

The station is busy at all times, with trains running as early as 5 AM and into 1 AM late in the night.

Numerous trams, trolleybuses and buses link to the main station.