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The Zrinski family (Hungarian: Zrínyi) was an noble family from Croatia during the period in history marked by the Ottoman wars in Europe.

The Zrinskis, "those of Zrin", were initially created when the King of Hungary retaliated against the Šubić family for their disobedience during a dynastic struggle between the Arpads and the Angevins, and gave them the Zrin estate in Međimurje;.

The family gave four bans of Croatia:

Joannes Torquatus de Corbavia who was the ban between 1521 and 1524 had also married one Ilona Zrinski.

During Stanley's expedition in Africa in 1882, his explorer and confidant Dragutin Lerman in Congo discovered the waterfalls which he named "Zrinski chutes".

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