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Zhengzhou (鄭州 pinyin: zhng zhōu) formerly called Zhengxian, is located 24 km south of Huanghe (Yellow River). It is the capital of Henan province in China. Population: 5.97 million.

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Shang Dynasty established Aodu (隞都) (see also: History of China). The pre-historical city had been long lost even before the time of the first emperor.

The name of Zhengzhou came from Sui Dynasty (581 AD) albeit it was located in Chenggao, another town. The government was moved to the contemporary city during Tang Dynasty.


The GDP per capita was 16028 (ca. US$1940) in 2003, ranked no. 117 among 659 Chinese cities.


Zhengzhou has a rural population of 3.97 million. Its main products include apple, paulownia, tobacco, corn, cotton, and wheat. Besides, Zhengzhou has something that can rarely be seen outside of this area. It also produces Yellow River Carp, Zhengzhou Watermelon, Xinzheng date, dried persimmon, Guangwu Megranate and Zhongmu Garlic.


Zhengzhou has been one of the major industrial cities in China since 1949. The city's staple industry is textiles. Others manufactures include: tractors, locomotives, cigarettes, fertilizer, processed meats, agricultural machinery, and electrical equipment


Zhengzhou is a major railroad center as it is located in te crossroad of the Long-hai railroad (east-west) and the Jing-guang railroad (north-south).


College and Universities


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