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YTV (television)
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YTV (television)

YTV should not be confused with the British ITV contractor Yorkshire Television, for which YTV is an acronym.

YTV, also known unofficially as "Youth Television", is a Canadian cable television network. The service is owned by a company called Corus Entertainment, which was spun off from cable provider Shaw Communications in late 1999. YTV's schedule is primarily children's programming, including shows for pre-schoolers, but the channel also airs British sitcoms in late night. YTV divides its schedule into named blocks, such as The Zone, with Carlos and Sugar on weekday afternoons. Between programs, there are usually short segments of children's content. YTV has been on the air since September 1, 1988.


YTV's schedule, past and present, includes the following programs. This is not meant to be a definitive list:

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