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In Beowulf, an Yrs is the daughter of Healfdene (Halvdan). She married Onela (Ale).

In Rolf Krake's saga, she was captured by Adils (Eadgils), the nephew of Ale (Onela), in Saxony and taken to Sweden and became his queen. She was later captured in turn by Helge, the son of Halvdan (Healfdene). She gave Helge the son Rolf Krake. However, Helge's old queen, Arlov of Saxony returned and told Helge that Ylva was his daughter. Then Yrsa returned to Sweden and stayed there for the rest of her life.

Not long after Rolf becomes king, Adils requests his assistance in battle against his own uncle Ale. As Rolf sends his twelve companions, led by Bodvar Bjarke, Ale is defeated and Adils gains the kingdom.

But when Adils refuses to pay Rolf's men the expected tributes for their help, Rolf Krake sets off to Uppsala. Yrsa helps him and give him a horn filled with gold and jewelss and a famous ring called Sviagris. Also, Rolf is joined by a young man named Vögg (Wiglaf of Beowulf?) who gives him the nickname Krake. With the treasure given them by Yrsa, Rolf and his men set off over Fyrisvallarna (the Fyris Wolds). When Adils sends his men after them, Rolf spills out the gold to occupy the greedy pursuers with treasure collecting instead of hunting Rolf and his men, and so he gets away.