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You're My Best Friend
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You're My Best Friend

You're My Best Friend is an energetic, poppy song penned by John Deacon and performed by Queen. It appeared on the A Night at the Opera (album) album in 1975. This song also appeared on the Greatest Hits (1981) and Classic Queen (1992) albums. It was written for his wife, Veronica. In this song John Deacon plays the electric piano.

John Deacon: Well, Freddie didnít like the electric piano, so I took it home and I started to learn on the electric piano and basically thatís the song that came out you know when I was learning to play piano. It was written on that instrument and it sounds best on that. You know, often on the instrument that you wrote the song on

Freddie Mercury: I refused to play the damn thing (electric piano). Itís tinny and horrible and I donít like them. Why play those things when youíve got a lovely superb grand piano? No, I think, basically what he (John) is trying to say is it was the desired effect