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Yggdrasil Linux
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Yggdrasil Linux

Yggdrasil Linux is an early Linux distribution developed by Yggdrasil, a company founded by Adam Richter.

Often found in the back of a hard copy of all the existent HOWTOs at the time in the form of "Plug and Play Linux"

Last released in 1995, the distribution is still available from ibiblio.org[1] if you have a need to support old hardware with an old distro or if you are interested about the history of Linux, and want to try out by yourself this mithological milestone.

The name Yggdrasil refers to the World Tree of Norse mythology.

Yggdrasil was the first company to create a CD-ROM based Linux Distribution. Yggdrasil also published some of the early Linux compilation books, such as The Linux Bible, and contributed significantly to file system and X windows functionality of Linux in the early days of their operations. Adam Richter, the founder, played a key role in all of these areas, and supported a number of small linux companies and linux enthusiasts along the way. Currently, Mr Richter is known to consult on software issues and frequents northern california Linux events and coffee shops to play chess.