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Wonderfalls was a television series on Fox, created by Bryan Fuller (Dead Like Me) and Todd Holland (Malcolm in the Middle) with executive producer Tim Minear (writer and director for Firefly and Angel).

The story centered around Jaye Tyler, played by Caroline Dhavernas, a smart girl working a dead-end job as a sales clerk at a Niagara Falls gift shop. Jaye is the reluctant participant in conversations with a variety of animal figurines — a wax lion, stuffed bear, mounted fish, and brass monkey, among others — which direct her via oblique comments to help people in need.

Wonderfalls received rave reviews from critics, but had trouble attracting viewers. Despite being cancelled after only four episodes, growing interest has resulted in it breaking into the top ten shows requested for release on DVD at a popular polling site (TVshowsonDVD.com). There are some indications that 20th Century Fox might release all 13 episodes on DVD in December 2004. [1] [1]

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The pilot episode, "Wax Lion", received a higher Nielsen rating when it was repeated the Thursday after its premiere. The show was moved from a Friday night timeslot to Thursday after three episodes, but with little notice of the time change, and was cancelled after the fourth episode.

Télé-Québec announced that it would broadcast all thirteen episodes of the first season in Canada, dubbed in French. Other networks have expressed interest in airing all 13 episodes in the U.S.

PC Name Writers Director Premiere Premiering channel
1.01 "Wax Lion" Todd Holland, Bryan Fuller Todd Holland 12 March 2004 Fox
1.11 "Karma Chameleon" Tim Minear Marita Grabiak 19 March 2004 Fox
1.13 "Wound-Up Penguin" Liz Garcia Todd Holland 26 March 2004 Fox
1.02 "Pink Flamingos" Aaron Harberts, Gretchen Berg   1 April 2004 Fox
1.02 "Crime Dog" Krista Vernoff Allan Kroeker   Télé-Québec
1.03 "Barrel Bear" Tim Minear, Bryan Fuller Jamie Babbit   Télé-Québec
1.05 "Muffin Buffalo" Aaron Harberts, Gretchen Berg Craig Zisk   Télé-Québec
1.04 "Lovesick Ass" Dan Fesman, Harry Victor Todd Holland   Télé-Québec
1.06 "Safety Canary" Liz Garcia, Alexander Woo Peter Lauer   Télé-Québec
1.07 "Lying Pig" Krista Vernoff, Abby Gewanter Peter O'Fallon   Télé-Québec
  "Cocktail Bunny" Bryan Fuller      
1.09 "Totem Mole" Dan Fesman, Harry Victor Jeremy Podeswa   Télé-Québec
1.11 "Caged Bird" Krista Vernoff Michael Lehmann   Télé-Québec

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