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The designation Wolfdog is given to those fertile individuals of a crossing between a wolf (canis lupus) and a dog (canis familiaris). A wolfdog may also be an animal with wolf and dog ancestry within the past ten generations; so the animal must have at least 10% of either "species" to be properly considered "wolfdog".

The wolfdog has been the center of much controversy for the past few decades, with laws in many states, if not outlawing the animal altogether, putting restrictions on owernship. This pattern of legislation is due to a mainstream belief that the animal is in some way dangerous. In fact, however, it is quite the opposite; many wolfdogs are terribly shy of people. The danger is only present when the individual wolfdog is put into extreme situations - such as abuse, harassement, etc - situations which would cause most any "normal" dog to act in a violent manner.

The frequent production of fertile offspring from the mating of the dog and the wolf has suggested to many that the two animals are, in fact, the same species. Dogs have been assigned the scientific designation Canis lupus familiaris and wolves the designation Canis lupus lupus. Others, who persist in the belief that there are really two species designate the dog as Canis familiaris and the wolf as Canis lupus.