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William Stephens
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William Stephens

William Dennison Stephens (December 26, 1859 in Eaton, Ohio - April 24, 1944 in Los Angeles, California) was a U.S political figure. He served as interim mayor of Los Angeles in 1909, and was a 3-term Congressman. On March 15, 1917, the Republican suceeded Hiram Johnson, who resigned to take his seat in the United States Senate, to become California's 24th Governor. Stephens served the remainder of Johnson's term. World War I started a few months after Stephen's took office; his administration was the target of numerous threats. After the governor's mansion was bombed in December 1917 (the International Workers of the World was blamed), Stephens led the campaign for the passage of a criminal syndicalism law. In 1918, he became the first acting governor to be elected in his own right. The only sitting Governor to be admitted to the bar, Stephens entered into private practice after his reelection bid failed.

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Preceded by:
Hiram Johnson
Governors of California Succeeded by:
Friend Richardson