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Wha Ti, Northwest Territories
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Wha Ti, Northwest Territories

Wha Ti is a community of about 450 people in Canada's Northwest Territories. Wha Ti is located by Lac La Martre, about 164 km northwest of the territorial capital of Yellowknife. With rich and varied wildlife, the area has long been a favored hunting ground of the Dogrib people. The Northwest Company established a trading post there in 1793, and many natives began settling there permanently, while they continued to hunt and fish in the area.

In 1996, the community officially changed its name from Lac La Martre to the Tli Cho (Dogrib) name Wha Ti, meaning "Marten Lake," the same meaning as the French. Other traditional Tli Cho names for the settlement include Tsoti ('fouled water lake') and Mine Go Kola ('net fishing with houses'). [1]

While trapping, hunting, and fishing continue to be the main economic activities in this traditional community, efforts have been made to develop tourism as well. A fishing lodge was opened, and many tourists come to see the abundant wildlife, including black bears, caribou, wolves, and eagles. The community takes especial pride in the fact that no alcohol is allowed there.