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Western music
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Western music

Western music is a broad category of music that includes all musical genres that use 12-note chromatic scale, including western classical music, rock and roll, and many other forms of popular music. The word western in western music is misleading; although much of this music came from Europe and North America, important contributions have come from places like Russia and Japan.

Western music developed out of the creatively fertile framework of Western Philosophy developed in ancient Greece. Pythagoras experiemented with intervalss of sound based on small integers, which we recognize today as the 12 tone chromatic scale. From these (highly logical) roots developed the chants of early Christian tradition, first monophonic and later polyphonic and including instruments.

Popular Music

A branch of western music often forgotten in formal study is the music of the people - popular music. While the styles traditionally "Classical" music listed above were heard in churches and among the elite upper class, these are the styles heard on the streets, at work, and in homes. Several genres of popular music of western descent are:

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