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West Humboldt Range
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West Humboldt Range

The West Humboldt Range is a short mountain range in the western Great Basin in northwestern Nevada in the United States. It runs for approximately 40 mi (64 km) southwest to northeast in northern Churchill County and southern Pershing County. The southwest end of the range is approximately 60 mi (100 km) ENE of Reno.

The range separates the lower course of the Humboldt River and the Humboldt Sink on the northwest side from the expansive Carson Sink on the southwest side. Interstate 80 follows the course of the Humboldt along the northwest side of the range. During the last ice age, the range stood along the shore of Lake Lahontan, the prehistoric shorelines and beaches of which are visible along the sides of the range.

In 1905 the Saurian Expedition led by John C. Merriam and financed by Annie Alexander explored the Triassic limestones of the range, discovering 25 specimens of ichthyosaur.

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