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Wenceslaus II of Bohemia
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Wenceslaus II of Bohemia

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Wenceslaus II Premyslid (Czech Vįclav, Polish Wacław) (September 17, 1271 - June 21, 1305). King of Bohemia (1278 - 1305). Duke of Krakow (1291 - 1305). King of Poland (1300 - 1305). Wenceslaus II was the son of Ottokar II "The Great", King of Bohemia, and Kunegunda, daughter of Rostislav, the Grand Duke of Kyiv. His father died on August 26, 1278, shortly before Wenceslaus' seventh birthday. His early reign was tainted by the abuses of power exercised by his regent, Otto, Margrave of Brandenburg, and later by his mother's secret husband, Zavis of Falckenstein. On January 24, 1285 he married Judith (Jutta) von Habsburg, daughter of Holy Roman Emperor Rudolf I. In 1290 Wenceslaus had Zavis beheaded, and began ruling independently. In 1291 he was invited by a group of Polish Lords to take over the duchy of Krakow, and in 1300 he was crowned the king of Poland. He was planning to invade Austria when he died in 1305. He was succeeded by his son, Wenceslaus III, the last of the Premyslid kings.

Wenceslaus' daughter with Judith, Elizabeth (Eliska), married John "The Blind" of Luxembourg. Judith died in 1297

Wenceslaus' second wife was Ryksa Elzbieta, daughter of Przemysl II, King of Poland 1295 - 1296. (She married Rudolf III of Austria after Wenceslaus' death).

Preceded by:
Premysl Ottokar II
List of Czech rulers Succeeded by:
Wenceslaus III of Bohemia

Preceded by:
Przemysl II
King of Poland Succeeded by:
'''Wenceslaus III