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Sensible Software
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Sensible Software



Sensible Software were a highly regarded software house in the nineties from the United Kingdom that released several games, amongst those the popular Sensible Soccer series and Cannon Fodder.

The "trademark" of the Sensible Software's games were the pin-like characters, used in Sensible Soccer, Cannon Fodder (altough slightly different) and Sensible Golf.

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2 Softography
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Formed in 1986 by Jon "Jops" Hare and Chris Yates, who worked at LT Software in the mid 80's, Sensible Software released games initially for the ZX Spectrum and the Commodore 64, clinching market praise with Wizball, and releasing Microprose soccer, their first venture in football games. In the early 90's the company swapped those for the more powerful Amiga and Atari ST, where games such as Mega Lo Mania, Sensible Soccer and Cannon Fodder became classics, and with the rise of the 16-bit bit home console market, most of these games were later ported for these platforms. However, while Sensible had a strong reputation in the early 90's, things turned for the worse as the Amiga market got smaller. Sensible Golf, a simple golf video game (not a simulation) did not well in the market and received poor reviews. In the late days, Sensible Software only released games in the Sensible Soccer series, and as computers gained cheap 3D rendering abilities and games such as Actua Soccer and FIFA turned to 2.5D and 3D the market for the series quickly turned to a small niche.

Sensible Software almost went bankrupt, and are now a subsidiary company of Codemasters.


Twister (ZX Spectrum)
Parallax (Commodore 64)
Galaxibirds (Commodore 64)
Wizball (Commodore 64)
S.E.U.C.K. (Commodore 64)
Oh No (Commodore 64)
Microprose Soccer (Commodore 64)
Int. 3D Tennis (Commodore 64/ZX Spectrum/Commodore Amiga/Atari ST)
Insects in Space (Commodore 64)
Mega lo Mania (Commodore Amiga/Atari ST)
Sensible Soccer (Commodore Amiga/Atari ST)
Wizkid (Commodore Amiga/Atari ST)
Sensible Soccer 1.1 (Commodore Amiga/Atari ST)
Sensible Soccer International Edition (Commodore Amiga/Atari ST)
Sensible Soccer 92/93 (Commodore Amiga/Atari ST)
Cannon Fodder (Commodore Amiga/Atari ST)
Sensible Soccer (Megadrive/SNES)
Cannon Fodder 2 (Commodore Amiga)
SWOS (Commodore Amiga/Atari ST)
SWOS 95/96 (Commodore Amiga/Atari ST)
SWOS Euro '96 (Commodore Amiga/Atari ST)
SWOS 96/97 (Commodore Amiga/Atari ST)
Sensible Golf (Commodore Amiga)
SWOS 96/97 (MS-DOS)
Cannon Fodder 1 (MS-DOS)
Cannon Fodder 2 (MS-DOS)
Sensible Golf (MS-DOS)
Sensible Soccer 98 (Windows 9x)
Sensi 98 Euro Club Edition (Windows 9x)
Sensi 98 Euro Club Edition (Playstation)
Cannon Fodder (Gameboy Color)

External Links

Purple Sensi
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