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Water cycle
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Water cycle

The water cycle (known scientifically as the hydrologic cycle) refers to the change of states between liquid, solid and gas; and to the continuous exchange of water, within the hydrosphere, between the atmosphere, land, surface water, groundwater, and plants. It may be divided into four main phases: evaporation, precipitation, infiltration and runoff.

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2 Religious References to the Water Cycle


Hydrologic Cycle from Earthscape

Hydrologic Cycle from GROW

Religious References to the Water Cycle

The Qur'an states, at various places:

"Have you not seen that Allah sent rain down from the sky and caused it to penetrate the ground, and come forth as springs ..." Chapter 39, Verse 21.

"We sent down water from the sky measure and lodged it in the ground and we certainly are able to withdraw it", Chapter 23, Verse 18.

"Have you not seen that God makes the clouds move gently, then joins them together, then makes them a heap. And you see rain drops falling from the midst of it ..." Chapter 24, Verse 43.

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