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Water Buffalo
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Water Buffalo

Water Buffalo
Scientific classification
Binomial name
Bubalus arnee

The Water Buffalo is a very large ungulate. It survives in the wild in India, Nepal, Bhutan and Thailand, and is very widespread as a domestic animal in Asia, South America. North Africa and Europe. It is feral in northern Australia. Wild-living populations also exist in much of South-east Asia but their origin is uncertain: they may be the descendants of wild Water Buffalo, formerly domesticated ferals, or a mixture of both. The population of wild Water Buffalo has become very sparse.

The classification of the Water Buffalo is uncertain. Some authorities list a single species, Bubalus arnee with two subspecies, the River (B. arnee bubalis) and Swamp (B. arnee carabanesis) Water Buffaloes; others regard them as closely related but separate species.

It is possible that milk from one or both of these animals may be used.