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Vistula Lagoon
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Vistula Lagoon

Vistula Lagoon (or Bay, Gulf) is the sweet water lagoon on the Baltic Sea that is cut off from Gdansk Bay by the Vistula Spit. It takes a few branches of Vistula, notably Nogat and Pregolya rivers and is connected to Gdansk Bay by the Strait of Baltiysk. Sea ports: Kaliningrad, Baltiysk, in the past also Elblag (which lost importance due to today's border situation). Other cities: Frombork. Politically the Vistula Lagoon is split between Poland and Russia. From the 1871 until 1919, it was part of Germany. After 1919 and before 1945 it was split between Germany and Free City of Gdansk.

Polish: Zalew Wiślany, Russian: Kaliningradskiy Zaliv, German: Frisches Haff.

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