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A virtuoso is a musician who has attained the highest level of skill at playing a specific instrument.

Many Baroque composers were also virtuosi on their instrument, most commonly the violin (Pietro Locatelli and Antonio Vivaldi among others), but also on the harpsichord and organ. Virtuosi sometimes compose pieces of music (concertos or solo works) to show off their technical expertise - violinsts Niccolo Paganini and Pablo de Saraste and pianist Franz Liszt are among the most notable to do this.

Modern guitar virtuosos include Steve Vai, Jeff Beck, Robert Fripp, and Yngwie J. Malmsteen.

Modern harpsichord virtuoso include Hendrik Bouman, Ketil Haugsand, Ton Koopman, Gustav Leonhardt, Trevor Pinnock, Andreas Staier

Modern drum virtuoso include Bill Bruford

Modern sitar virtuoso include Ravi Shankar