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Vic Reeves
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Vic Reeves

Vic Reeves (born January 24, 1959, real name Jim Moir) is a British comedian, best known through his partnership with Bob Mortimer.

Reeves is one of few comedians to have had a no 1 hit in the UK chart, which he did in company with The Wonder Stuff, singing "Dizzy" (previously a no 1 hit for Tommy Roe).

As well as off-the-wall comedy shows (see Vic and Bob), Reeves played Marty Hopkirk in the BBC's 1990s revival of the comedy thriller, Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased), with Mortimer as Randall.

Although Reeves primarily is known as a comedian, he is also gaining a reputation as an artist. His drawings and paintings have been used in his television shows and is a major part of his 1999 book, Sun Boiled Onions.