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Vestments are liturgical garments and articles associated primarily with the Christian religions, especially the Catholic, Eastern Orthodox and Anglican Churches.

For the Catholic Mass the priest wears special garb or vestments, each article of which symbolizes a spiritual dimension of the priesthood, with roots in the very origins of the Church: the Amice (helmet of salvation), Alb (a figure of perfect integrity), Girdle (typifies sacerdotal chastity), Maniple (akin to a handkerchief reminding us that it is our lot to sow tears), Stole (a vestment of distinction, a symbol of immortality), Chasuble (an emblem of charity), and Biretta (headgear worn by clergy below rank of Cardinal); the Dalmatic and Tunic are for the deacon. In some measure these vestments harken to the Roman roots of the See of Peter.

Below are some of the more common vestments.

Body garments


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