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Uuu operating system
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Uuu operating system

Unununium (short uuu) is an open source software development project with the goal of creating an highly componentized system, where each component can be dynamically loaded, unloaded, replaced at runtime (Unununium Operating Engine). The development works are based on free unix variants. The project is nicknamed for the chemical element Unununium.

The project should eliminate the necessarity of a presence of a kernel. The code is based on the VOiD architecture (a kind of "no-kernel" architecture). It is designed to be from the ground up as a graphical real-time operating system for the desktop. The project team describes this goal as follows:

We want a completely dynamic system, where absolutely no single component is required to stay in memory at all times, where speed of the running applications is of prime importance, and where the programmers have total control over the machine. [1]

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