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Ustka (Polish: Ustka; German: Stopmuende), is a town in Middle Pomerania region, north-western Poland with 17,100 inhabitants (2001). Ii is also part of Slupsk County in Pomeranian Voivodship since 1999, previously in Slupsk Voivodship (1975-1998).

Popular tourist destination and a fishing port on the south coasts of the Baltic

Monuments: lighthouse from 1871 and church from 1882. The first historic records mention the village of Ujsc or Ujscie in 1310.

The eastern part is older and is currently focusing most of the tourist traffic. However, an extremely costly beach maintanance makes the western part more and more popular.

Recent development

The mermaid patron of a Polish coastal town faces plastic surgery after councilors decided her breasts were too small and hips too wide, a city official said on March 29 2004.


1950: ? inhabitants
1960: 6.100 inhabitants
1970: 9.500 inhabitants
1975: 12.400 inhabitants
1980: 15.200 inhabitants
1990: ? inhabitants
2000: ? inhabitants
2001: 17.100

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