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Unreleased Madonna songs
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Unreleased Madonna songs

Songs recorded by Madonna (singer) but were chosen not to be used on her Warner Bros Music albums (Sire Records or Maverick Records) and remain unreleased. Sometimes sent to other recording artists for them to record for use on thier albums instead.

Table of contents
1 Background
2 Pre-Stardom Recordings
3 Early Career Recordings
4 Mid-Career Recordings
5 Post Kabballah Conversion Recordings
6 Registered Alternate Song Titles
7 False Rumors/Not Likely To Exist With Madonna Contributions
8 Outside Links


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Pre-Stardom Recordings

I Like Love For Tender and No Time and Bells Ringing and Drowning and Hot House Flower and Shine A Light and Safe Neighbourhood Emmy & The Emmy's pop-rock demos featuring Madonna on lead vocal in New York circa 1980 with
Stephen Bray.

  • Tell The Truth To Me and Well, Well and I Got Trouble and Oh, Oh The Sky Is Blue and Once I Thought I Was Good Early recordings recorded on "Shamrock" reel-to-reel tape. Recently auctioned to private owner.

  • (Take Me) I Want You and Love On The Run and Get Up and Society's Boy (High Society) A Pat Benetar style pop-rock Madonna demo produced by Camille Barbone of Gotham Management in New York 1981.

  • We Live In A House Written by Joshua Braun, Janis Galloway and Madonna in 1982. US copyright registration# PAu-1-843-482.

  • Shake Your Head (Let's Go To Bed) Madonna lead vocal recorded with Don and David Was for the Was(not Was) album "Born To Laugh At Tornadoes" in 1982/83. The released vocal used was instead done by Ozzy Osbourne. Madonna is thanked in the album credits. Madonna requested that her original vocal not be used in an early 1990's remix released as a single in Europe to support a Was(not Was) Greatest Hits album.

  • Sidewalk Talk Written by Madonna for former producer and boyfriend John Jellybean Benitez. The commercially released version features vocalist Catherine Buchanan on lead. The original version with Madonna on the lead vocal remains unreleased.

  • Early Career Recordings

    Ain't No Big Deal The released version was produced by Reggie Lucas. Originally intended to be Madonna's first single. Three more seperate unreleased versions were produced each by Mark Kamins,
    Stephen Bray and a John Jellybean Benitez remix. They were all shelved when the song was recorded by female disco act Barracuda for Epic Records.

  • Warning Signs The third Madonna song recorded for the Soundtrack to the movie "Vision Quest" but never used. A collaboration with Stephen Bray from 1984. US copyright registration# PAu-590-962.

  • Title uncertain Simon Le Bon of the group Duran Duran mentioned in a mid-80's interview for the BBC TV show "Breakfast" that Madonna did backing vocals for them that were never released. Her vocal would probably be on one of several Duran Duran recordings from 1984-1985 produced by Nile Rodgers. Nile also produced the "Like A Virgin" album. The exact title of Madonna's unreleased contribution was not mentioned in the interview, but it could be "The Reflex" or "Wild Boy's". Her previously unreleased vocal cameo on "Promises, Promises" by Naked Eyes was finally released on a recent Naked Eyes Greatests Hits collection.

  • Desperately Seeking Susan Unreleased title track for the movie of the same name according to former Madonna collaborator Stephen Bray. This is a completely different song from the released hit "Into The Groove". 1985

  • Working My Fingers To The Bone and Pipeline - Recorded with Stephen Bray circa the "True Blue" album.

  • Eachtime You Break My Heart Written and produced by Madonna and Stephen Bray. Later given to singer/model Nick Kamen to record instead. His version was released featuring Madonna on backing vocals. It was a minor hit in the UK. Madonna's unreleased version is supposed to be nearly identical to his except that she is on the lead vocal. 1986

  • Possesive Love Written and recorded with Patrick Leonard. Madonna's original was sent to singer Marilyn Martin for her to record. The single was released by Atlantic Records but did not do very well. The Madonna original remains unreleased. 1988

  • Love Over The Telephone Written by Madonna and Don Johnson. Discussed by Madonna herself in media interviews of the time. It is not clear if it was actually recorded.

  • By Alien Means Written by Prince Rogers Nelson in 1988 circa the time of the Madonna/Prince released "Love Song" collaboration. Reportedly sent to Madonna for her to record or add to. This Prince song does exist, but there is little evidence of an actual Madonna contribution. US copyright registration# PAu-1-152-963

  • Cherish (remix) Offical commisioned remix by Hank Shocklee and Phil Castellano as first reported in Billboard Magazine. Never released.

  • Love Attack and First There Is A Kiss Two songs Madonna recorded and produced with Stephen Bray for the "Like A Prayer" album but were never used and remain unreleased. 1989

  • Dick Tracy Written by with Patrick Leonard. This did not appear on the "I'm Breathless" album. ASCAP title code# 340325268 . Another reported in Billboard magazine was called Dog House.

  • To Love You Recorded for the 1990 film Dick Tracy but remains unreleased. Written by Madonna and Andy Paley.

  • Get Over Recorded with Stephen Bray for the Immaculate Collection. Madonna's original version remains unreleased. The song was later recorded and released by actor/model Nick Scotti with Madonna backing vocals produced by Shep Pettibone for the film "Nothing But Trouble" in 1992 and for his debut album in 1993.

  • Mid-Career Recordings

    Love Hurts - A unique song title listed in the discography of producer/remixer
    Junior Vasquez. Possibly an early version of what later became "Erotica". Many of his recent so caled unreleased Madonna "remixes" were not officially commisioned while others like "I Want You", were. This clouds the line between unreleased and white label (made by DJ for private use) remixes. See Junior Vasquez Music Site

  • Shame US copyright registration# PAu-1-605-637 and You Are The One registration# PAu-1-605-636. Two songs that Madonna recorded with Shep Pettibone for the album "Erotica" but never used. Alternate versions of "Erotica" registration# PAu-1-605-642 (aka "You Thrill Me"), "Thief Of Hearts" registration# PAu-1-605-643, "Words" registration# PAu-1-605-641 and "Deeper and Deeper" registration# PAu-1-605-634 from that same album also exist with slightly different arrangements but were not released along with an odd-ball called Jitterbug 1991.

  • Others from this period were mentioned in Billboard magazine as being works in progress. Most notably No Entry. The others are less certain. Freak may have been related to the eventually released "Rescue Me". Out To Lunch/Eating Out and Show And Tell may have been early versions of/or related to the released songs "Where Life Beigns" and "Secret Garden". Throb is questionable since a Janet Jackson song of the same title surfaced shortly after this media report.

    Post Kabballah Conversion Recordings

    Revenge and Gone, Gone, Gone and Like A Flower - All unreleased songs recorded for the album "Ray Of Light" written with
    Rick Nowels. The co-producer credit is not certain but may have been Robert Miles.

    Alternate arrangements versions of "No Substitute For Love" and "Power Of Goodbye" from this same album also exist. These were all found to have leaked out on to the web via sources unknown to Peer to peer and file sharing networks like Kazaa and Napster in the late 1990's.

    Registered Alternate Song Titles

    These are not actually different songs from the commerical versions. They just have alternate title copyright registrations.

    False Rumors/Not Likely To Exist With Madonna Contributions

    She's A Real Disco Queen A song written for Madonna by Patrick Hernandez producers Jean Claude Pellerin and Jean Van Lieu in France/Belgium circa 1979. Madonna did not actually record it.
  • Lies In Your Eyes by I-Level 1984, completely not related to Madonna.
  • Babylove, Madonna had no association with this 1986 Regina or 1992 Danni Minogue song.
  • Crazy Train with Ozzy Osbourne, amateur DJ mix
  • If Madonna Calls with Junior Vasquez, "Who's That Girl" imitation vocal is actually by Kelly Benevivue
  • Fantasy by Race, another sound-a-like credited as "Dat Girl", Madonna is only "thanked".

  • Outside Links

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