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Unconscious communication
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Unconscious communication

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Unconscious communication is unconscious human communication. It could also be intrapersonal, like dreaming or cognition under the effects of hypnosis.

Due to the hrair limit our conscious attention can attend to 4-8 objects simultaneously. All other information is processed by the unconscious mind. Usaully our unconscious communication and unconscious behaviour is influenced and/or dictated by culture. Communication between people of different cultures and subcultures can sometimes cause unexpected suffering and conflicts.

Understansing of unconscious communication can avoid this problems.

Unconscious communication causes in changing mood, emotions, feeling warm ... .

Information exchanged by/with:

There is also widespread belief in communication by means of stimulating senses not yet well understood, commonly called telepathy. The concept is often considered a means of conversing non-verbally, and yet conveying concepts of verbal clarity or beyond, others see it as something as simple as the ability to detect one's presance or mood.