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Ulver — which means "Wolves" in Norwegian, is a musical ensemble from Norway who have gone on to transcended the boundaries of their musical contemporaries and have metamorphosed from folk-inspired black metal to neo-classical folk and finally changed into the avant-garde, experimental Ulver we know today.

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Current Members:

(as of
July 2004)

Musical Overview

Ulver's music on Bergtatt is classified as
black metal for its fast tempo, dry electric guitar sound and unnatural screaming vocals. However it is quite original and does not show any overt style adoptions from other black or death metal bands; instead Ulver, on Bergtatt, reach back futher in history and mold their music from folk and classically inspired themes. Kristofer Garm Rygg, the bands main contributor, has since said of Bergtatt as being a "very traditional black metal album," although many listeners would disagree. This quote was taken from an interview with the band which can be found on the Lyckantropen Themes (2002)DVD.

'Kveldssanger',Ulver's second album, strongly contrasts with Bergtatt in that it has eliminated the electric guitar and screaming vocals and replaced them with folk and classical inspired acoustics and chamber chants performed by Garm. The album can be described as a neo-folk played like mid-ranged blackmetal. Garm has since said that this album was an "immature neo-classical album."

In the third album, Nattens Madrigal, the music is even more brutal and aggressive than in Bergtatt. The band seems to have reverted into a more primitive and nihilistic rage on this release. The band themself said that the album was a step back to the first-wave of Norwegian blackmetal, particularly to the sound and style of old Darkthrone. All lyrics in first three albums are in Norwegian.

The Themes from William Blake's The Marriage of Heaven and Hell album, released in 1998, was completely different to what Ulver, and furthermore, any other band, had made before. The band had left the traditional path, extensively using electronic sound. The album got highest ratings in many European publications related to alternative music.

Next releases, \Metamorphosis and Perdition City, were even more innovative and original than the "Blake Album". They have gone futher away from rock and metal and have lost track of being easily defined, much like Coil. The use of electronics is used much heavier here than on previous albums.

The band followed up these two releases with the classic, no vocal, minimalist works, Silence Teaches you how to Sing and Silence the Singing. These two albums are emotional "experiments" from the band which have been self defined as "studies".

Because of their unique atmospheric sound Ulver were invited for making themes for cinema films. The subsequent film music that followed was used in the film Lyckantropen and Svidd Neger.

As of July 2004 the band has recorded their next album, Blood Inside, which has yet to be released.

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