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Ukyo Tachibana
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Ukyo Tachibana

Ukyo Tachibana is a character from SNK Playmore's Samurai Shodown series of video games.

According to his official biography, Ukyo was born in the Kohga district of Ohmi, Japan, in Meiwa 1st Year (September 20, 1764). He stands 5 shaku 8 sun (176 cm) and weighs 11 kan me (41.25 kg). His blood type is AB. His weapon is a self-made, unsigned sword. His distinguishing feature is long blue hair.

Ukyo is loosely based on Sasaki Kojiro, the arch-rival of Miyamoto Musashi. He is a handsome warrior and expert iai swordsman, but has a very frail body and his lungs are poised with tuberculosis. He searched for the perfect flower to give to Kei Odagiri, who was already engaged to someone else. He headed for Makai to try to find the flower, but was unable to find it.