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U.S. Highway 377
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U.S. Highway 377

United States Highway 377 is a north-south United States highway. Originally created as a short spur to connect Denton, Texas with Fort Worth, Texas, it has since been extended to Oklahoma and Mexico.

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1 Termini
2 Historic termini
3 States traversed
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As of 2004, the highway's northern terminus is in Stroud, Oklahoma at an indeterminate point somewhere between old Route 66 and modern Interstate 44. It is co-signed with Oklahoma State Highway 99 for its entire Oklahoma length; OK 99 continues north into Kansas. Its southern terminus is in Del Rio, Texas at an intersection with U.S. Highway 90 (after being co-signed with U.S. Highway 277 for 20 miles).

Historic termini

When US 377 was commissioned in 1930, U.S. Highway 77 connected Dallas, Texas with the north and south, but nearby Fort Worth lacked a direct northern connection. US 377 connected U.S. Highway 77 in Denton, Texas with U.S. Highway 81 in Fort Worth, Texas, creating a parallel route between Denton and Hillsboro, Texas, where US 81 met US 77. When the Interstate highway system was built, Interstate 35 paralleled the Dallas/Fort Worth split with routes I-35E through Dallas (along US 77) and I-35W through Fort Worth (along US 377 and US 81).

States traversed

The highway passes through the following states:

Related US Routes

Sources and external links

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