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U8TV: The Lofters
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U8TV: The Lofters

U8TV: The Lofters was a Canadian reality television series which aired on Life Network and online through its website, U8TV.com. The show followed the lives of eight young Canadians who moved into a loft in Toronto, Ontario for a period of one year and had to host television programs for Life Network, other Canadian specialty channels, and U8TV.com.

Shows hosted by the Lofters usually took place within the loft and were quite interactive, with the U8TV chat rooms. Some U8TV-hosted shows are still aired as repeats.

The CRTC approved a license for a U8TV Category 2 digital television channel in 2000, but nothing more came of it. [1]

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2 Season two
3 Cancellation
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Season one

The Lofters in season one were:

Season two

The Lofters who began season two were:

In the second season, a
Big Brother-like twist was added to the show. Every ten weeks, the producers would select two Lofters whose hosting skills were sub-par or who didn't share enough of their lives, and nominate them for eviction. Fans of the show could then go to U8TV.com and vote for the Lofter they wanted to evict. The first (and only) occurrence of the twist saw Jason Ruta and Annie Guillo nominated for eviction. Fans voted Ruta off the show, and he was replaced by Stephen MacDonald.


Mid-way through the second season, however, the show was cancelled. Although the show's ratings on television were excellent, the costs to broadcast over the Internet were far too high for the show to survive.

A few former Lofters have gone on to successful television gigs. Season one's Jennifer Hedger is now a reporter at TSN, while the second season's Carolyn Jarvis anchors newscasts on The Weather Network.

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