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U3 (Berlin)
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U3 (Berlin)

U3 was a line on the Berlin U-Bahn running between Wittenbergplatz and Uhlandstraße. In 1993 it was renumbered to U15 and became a branch of the U1.

Future network plans include the construction of a new line with the provisional number U3, which would extend the old U3 westwards along Kurfürstendamm towards Westkreuz and eastwards via Potsdamer Platz and Alexanderplatz towards Weißensee. In preparation for this some short sections of tunnel have been built, including a complete station at Potsdamer Platz. However financial constraints mean it is unlikely the line will be constructed in the foreseeable future.

In June 2004 the BVG announced it will create a new U3 covering the existing route of the U1 between Nollendorfplatz and Krumme Lanke; the U1 will run between Warschauer Strasse and Uhlandstraße only.

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