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Tuzla Canton
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Tuzla Canton

The Tuzla Canton is a canton of the Federation in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The capital is Tuzla.

It comprises, wholly or in part, the Municipalities of Banovići, Čelić (formerly part of Lopare), Doboj-East, Gradačac, Gračanica, Kladanj, Kalesija, Lukavac, Sapna (formerly part of Zvornik), Srebrenik, Teočak (formerly part of Ugljevik) and Živinice, as well as the city of Tuzla.

The area of the canton is 2,908 km². At the 1991 census, the canton was populated by 949,621 people. 55% were Bosniaks, 28% Serbs, 9% Croats, and the rest belonged to minority groups.

The canton was created by the Bosniak-Croat Washington Accords in 1994, and its boundaries defined by the Dayton Accords in 1995.

Bosnia's most-preserved medieval fort is in Srebrenik, dating from 1333.

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