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Triple crown (baseball)
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Triple crown (baseball)

In baseball, the Triple Crown refers to:

  1. A batter who (on season's end) leads the league in three major categories -- home runs, runs batted in, and batting average.
  2. A pitcher who (on season's end) leads the league in three major categories -- earned run average, victories, and strike outs.

Major League Baseball batting winners:

Paul HinesPRO-N1878450.358
Hugh DuffyBOS-N189418145.438
Nap LajoiePHI-A190114125.422
Ty CobbDET19099115.377
Heinie ZimmermanCHI-N191214103.372
Rogers HornsbySTL-N192242152.401
Rogers HornsbySTL-N192539143.403
Chuck KleinPHI-N193328120.368
Jimmie FoxxPHI-A193348163.356
Lou GehrigNY-A193449165.363
Joe MedwickSTL-N193731154.374
Ted WilliamsBOS194236137.356
Ted WilliamsBOS194732114.343
Mickey MantleNY-A195652130.353
Frank RobinsonBAL196649122.316
Carl YastrzemskiBOS196744121.326

Major League Baseball pitching winners:

Tommy BondBos-N18772.1140170
Charles RadbournProv18841.3860441
Tim KeefeNY-N18881.7435333
John ClarksonBos-N18892.7349284
Amos RusieNY-N18942.7836195
Cy YoungBos-A19011.6233158
Rube WaddellPhi-A19051.4826287
Christy MathewsonNY-N19051.2731206
Christy MathewsonNY-N19081.4337259
Walter JohnsonWash19131.0936243
Grover AlexanderPhi-A19151.2231241
Grover AlexanderPhi-A19161.5533167
Grover AlexanderPhi-A19171.8630201
Walter JohnsonWash19181.2723162
Hippo VaughnChi-N19181.7422148
Grover AlexanderChi-N19201.9127173
Walter JohnsonWash19242.7223158
Dazzy VanceBklyn19242.1628262
Lefty GrovePhi-A19302.5428209
Lefty GrovePhi-A19312.0631175
Lefty GomezNY-A19342.3326158
Lefty GomezNY-A19372.3321194
Bucky WaltersCin19392.2927137
Hal NewhouserDet19451.8125212
Sandy KoufaxLA-N19631.8825306
Sandy KoufaxLA-N19652.0426382
Sandy KoufaxLA-N19661.7327317
Steve CarltonPhi19721.9727310
Dwight GoodenNY-N19851.5324268
Roger ClemensTor19972.0521292
Roger ClemensTor19982.6520271
Pedro MartinezBos19992.0723313
Randy JohnsonAri20022.3224334