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Triple (baseball)
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Triple (baseball)

In baseball, a triple is the act of a batter safely reaching third base by striking the ball and getting to third before being made out, without the benefit of a fielder's misplay (see error) or another runner being put out on a fielder's choice.

Because a hit only counts as a triple without a fielding error or a fielder's choice, triples have become exceedingly rare in Major League Baseball. It often requires a hit to an unoccupied part of the ballpark (as in an opposite-field hit) or the ball taking an unusual bounce in the outfield. It also requires that the batter be able to hit the ball solidly but also that he be able to run quickly. It is this combination of power and speed has become more and more rare and is reflected by the career and season statistics for triples which are almost exclusively the domain of older players.

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1 Triple leaders in Major League Baseball

Triple leaders in Major League Baseball


  1. Sam Crawford - 309
  2. Ty Cobb - 295
  3. Honus Wagner - 252
  4. Jake Beckley - 243
  5. Roger Connor - 233


  1. Chief Wilson (1912) - 36
  2. Dave Orr (1886) - 31
  3. Heinie Reitz (1894) - 31
  4. Perry Werden (1893) - 29
  5. Harry Davis (1897) - 28