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Treasure Hunt
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Treasure Hunt

This page is about Treasure Hunt, a UK game show. A treasure hunt is also the name of a popular garden game or outdoor activity involving the solving of clues to find buried treasures (such as sweets, trinkets etc.)
Treasure Hunt was a popular UK game show, based on a French format called La Chasse Au Trésor, and appeared on Channel 4 between 1983 and 1989 and was revived by BBC 2 in 2002 and 2003.

A team of two studio contestants had to use maps and reference materials in a studio to solve up to five clues, and communicating instructions via a radio link to a skyrunner who had the use of a helicopter. The contestants were given the first clue for free, the solving of which would lead to the location of the second clue and so on until a trinket or other significant object was found at the end of the route. The contestants won a higher cash prize each time they solved a clue correctly.

In the original version, the presenter was newsreader Kenneth Kendall and the skyrunners were broadcaster Anneka Rice (1983-8) and tennis player Annabel Croft (1989). Wincey Willis acted as adjudicator and provided additional information about the locations visited. In the 2002-3 edition, newsreader Dermot Murnaghan presented and the skyrunner was Suzi Perry. There was no adjudicator. Keith Thompson was the usual helicopter pilot in both versions, though for overseas editions a local pilot was often used.

For all the UK series, the programme was a Chatsworth Television independent production.

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