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Traditional pop music
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Traditional pop music

(There is no universally aagreed-upon term for this genre of music, but at least one reference calls it by this name. It is also referred to as mainstream pop music.)

Traditional pop music is a genre of music which encompasses music that succeeded big band music and preceded rock and roll as the most popular kind of music in the United States, most of Europe, and some other parts of the world. Its heyday is considered to be from the late 1940s to early 1960s. It evolved from big band music as a result of the emphasis shifting from the band to the singer.

Singers and groups who typified this genre include:

Male singers Female singers Male groups Female groups

(The Jimmie Rodgers mentioned above is not to be confused with an earlier country music singer of the same name. He, Connie Francis, and The Vogues were from a somewhat later era than most of the singers listed above; however, their style is closer to traditional pop than to the rock and roll typical of their era.)