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TQS is a French-language commercial television network in Quebec, Canada.

The network launched in 1986 as Télévision Quatre Saisons (Four Seasons Television) under the ownership of the Pouliot family, who then owned Montreal's CTV affiliate, CFCF-TV. However, the network quickly ran into financial problems and was sold to Quebec cable company Vidéotron, who already owned TVA, Quebec's other private commercial network. Due to monopoly ownership concerns, Vidéotron sold TQS to Quebecor, a newspaper publisher.

Quebecor later acquired Vidéotron itself, and put TQS back on the market. The network is now owned jointly by Bell Globemedia and Cogeco, another cable company.

The network brands itself as le mouton noir de la télé, or "the black sheep of television". It is generally runner-up in the ratings to TVA, although the network has produced a number of major hit series in Quebec.

The network is not widely available outside of Quebec, although some communities in northern and eastern Ontario and in the Maritime Provinces receive TQS affiliates on cable, and the network affiliate in Rivière-du-Loup, Quebec does have a repeater in Edmundston, New Brunswick.

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