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Tocantins (state)
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Tocantins (state)

Inhabitants:1,155,913 (?)
Pop. density:? inh./km²
Timezone:GMT -3
ISO 3166-2:BR-ES
Governor:Marcelo de Carvalho Miranda

Tocantins is one of the states of Brazil. The state was formed in 1988 out of the northern part of Goiás, and construction began on the capital, Palmas, in 1989, in contrast to most of the other cities in the state which date back to Portuguese colonial period.


Tocantins forms the boundary between the Amazon rainforest and the coastal savanna. As a result, the state's geography is varied. Many rivers cross through the state (including one of the same name), and there are over 20 archaeologically significant sites are found in Tocantins.


As with much of Brazil, Tocantins' economy is dependent on cattle raising, though the state's pineapple plantations not only supply much of Brazil with the fruit, but also many other Mercosul nations with it too. In the state's north, charcoal and oils are extracted from the babaçu palm tree.

The federal government is seeking to broaden Tocantins' economic horizons by funding the construction of a hydroelectric dam in the state.


What is today Tocantins state was first explored by Jesuit missionaries in about 1625, seeking to convert the Amerindian peoples of the area to Christianity.

Before 1988 the area was part of the Goiás state, in the north of the state. However, ever since the 1600s, the north has been isolated and difficult to access. As a result, the southern area of the state became more developed, and there had been a strong separatist movement in the north for many years.

The first large scale stirrings of separatism were in 1809, when heavy taxes were levied on mining. This led to a minor revolt which was quickly crushed by the army. A string of failed uprisings occurred in the 19th century.

In the 1970s, pressure was put on the federal government by the northern Goiás populace for a separate state, and in the 1988 Constitution, Tocantins state, along with others such as Rondônia were officially created.

Other cities include:

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