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Tina Charles
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Tina Charles

Tina Charles (born March 10, 1954) is a British singer who achieved success as a disco artist in the late 1970s.

Charles began her career as a backing vocalist and session artist, and recorded her first solo single in 1969 with a then unknown Elton John singing backing vocals.

She provided the lead vocals for 5000 Volts 1975 disco hit "I'm On Fire". Although not publicly acknowledged as a group member at the time, Charles was considered to have a stronger voice than the group's official lead singer. The song reached number 4 in the UK, and number 26 in the US, and when the fact emerged that it was Charles' vocal featured on the record, her solo career began to thrive.

Her next single "I Love To Love (But My Baby Loves To Dance)" spent three weeks at number one on the British charts in February 1976. She continued to release hit singles, "Love Me Like A Lover", "Dance Little Lady Dance", "Dr Love", "Rendezvous" and "Love Bug" which made her a star throughout Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand but she was never able to achieve success in the US.

By 1979 her career was somewhat in decline, and disco music was losing some of its public appeal. Charles married and had a child, and devoted herself for some years to her family life, and allowed her career to end. In the mid 1980s she attempted to make a comeback, but was met with little success. Since 2000, Charles has performed throughout Europe where disco music and her hit singles have been reappraised, and she has become a popular live performer.