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Timeline of fictional historical events
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Timeline of fictional historical events

Various storytellers have tried to create better verisimilitude for their stories by linking them to real history. Protagonists could have witnessed a historical event or even participated in it (often fighting in various wars). In some stories they may even be originators of some event or try to prevent it (see secret history) but fail - history, as we know it, does not change. In other cases history does change, and an alternate history branches off from our own.

In other stories, writers have simply placed the story in some specific year or date.

Fictional countries may also include history of their own, even if the story itself is not concerned about them.

See also timeline of fictional future events for fictional events that were set in the future when they were first written, but which have now been overtaken by real history.

These dates are connected to either specific historical dates or real-world historical events. They are known to be fictitious — not claimed nonfiction of conspiracy theories.

Table of contents
1 Prehistoric
2 Ancient civilizations
3 5th millennium BC
4 4th millennium BC
5 2nd millennium BC
6 1st millennium BC
7 1st millennium
8 11th century
9 12th century
10 13th century
11 14th century
12 15th century
13 16th century
14 17th century
15 18th century
16 19th century
17 20th century
18 Notes
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Ancient civilizations

5th millennium BC

4th millennium BC

2nd millennium BC

1st millennium BC

1st millennium

11th century

12th century

13th century

14th century

15th century

16th century

17th century

18th century

19th century

20th century

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