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Timeline of fictional future events
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Timeline of fictional future events

Science fiction and other related fields of fiction are often set in the future, or at least involve events in times that have not yet occurred. This list is a chronological collection of significant events from various works of such fiction. It includes some events that were set in the future when the fiction containing them was first written but which have now been overtaken by real history, becoming a form of alternate history or failed prediction in the process.

It is rarely true that science fiction writers are seriously attempting prediction - the needs of the story are usually the primary concern, and science fiction stories are often more about the present in which they are written than the future in which they are supposedly set.

Nevertheless, below are some notable fictional visions of the-future-that-never-was-and-probably-won't-be. See also: Timeline of Star Trek, Apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic science fiction

Warning: Plot details follow.

Table of contents
1 20th century
2 21st century
3 22nd century
4 23rd century
5 24th century
6 25th century
7 26th century
8 27th century
9 30th century
10 31st century
11 35th century
12 40th century
13 49th century
14 52nd Century
15 Distant Future
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20th century

21st century

22nd century

23rd century

24th century

25th century

26th century

27th century

30th century

31st century

35th century

40th century

49th century

52nd Century

Distant Future