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Through the Keyhole
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Through the Keyhole

Through the Keyhole is a light-hearted BBC (originally ITV) Panel game, where panelist must attempt to identify the celebrity who lives in a house, after they are given a video tour of it.

At the start of each episode, David Frost, the main presenter, introduces the panel of three celebrities, who must deduce the identity of the owners of the houses (two houses are featured in each episode). Then he hands over to Loyd Grossman, at the first house. In later episodes, Loyd has been replaced by Catherine Gee.

Loyd then takes us on a tour of the house, showing us the varous rooms, and highlighting things that hint at the owner of the house, and possibly some red herrings as well. After this, he then sums up the 'evidence', then hands back to the David in the studio.

The audience at home, and the studio audience are shown who the owner (or owners) of the house are (although members of the audience at home can look away at that point). Then the panel take it in turns to guess the owner of the house. They usually start by making broad conclusions about the owner, such as gender, then get more specific as things progress. They are aided by David, who gives them hints as to how close they are, and the audience, who cheer when the panellist are on the right lines.

Finally, either the panellists guess correctly, or David has to tell the panel who the owner is. Then usually David interviews the owner of the house, although occasionally a pre-recorded interview with loyd is played instead, at the house. After the interview, the same pattern is followed with the second house of the episode.