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Thrones, Dominations
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Thrones, Dominations

Thrones, Dominations is a Lord Peter Wimsey murder mystery novel that Dorothy L. Sayers began writing in 1936 but abandoned. It was completed by Jill Paton Walsh and published in 1998. The title is a quote from John Milton's Paradise Lost.

Sayers's notes for the work consisted of a number of complete scenes from the beginning of the story and a few diagrams, including a multi-coloured representation of the interactions of the characters. The scenes were not ordered or numbered, and had to be arranged in logical order by Paton Walsh to constitute the first six chapters of the book. The remainder of the story had to be constructed from almost no data, based on what had already been written (compare The Floating Admiral); in fact, none of the text indicated even the victim or the murderer. The notes also include a scene, omitted from the book, in which Uncle Paul tells Harriet of his part in Peter's early erotic education.

Having acquired Talboys as their country house, Lord and Lady Peter Wimsey have returned from a European honeymoon and are settling into their new home in London. A beautiful former fashion model, married about two years to a wealthy man who finances theatrical productions and virtually worships her, is murdered. The Wimseys straighten out both situations, Lord Peter doing more of the work on the murder and Lady Peter (the former Harriet Vane) doing more on the domestic front: His long-time man-servant Bunter marries a professional photographer, but both Bunter and his brother remain in the Wimseys' service.