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The Works (album)
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The Works (album)

The Works
LP by Queen
Released 27 February 1984
Recorded month year
Genre Rock
Length ?? min ?? sec

Record label EMI
Producer Queen and Mack
Professional reviews
Allmusic.com 2 stars out of 5 link
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The Works
A Kind Of Magic

The Works is a rock album by British band Queen originally released in 1984.

Track listing

  1. "Radio Ga Ga" (Taylor)
  2. "Tear It Up" (May) -
  3. "It's A Hard Life"
  4. "Man On The Prowl" (Mercury) -
  5. "Machines (or Back to Humans)"
  6. "I Want To Break Free" (Deacon)
  7. "Keep Passing The Open Windows"
  8. "Hammer To Fall" (May)
  9. "Is This The World We Created?" (May/Mercury)