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The Tonight Show
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The Tonight Show

The Tonight Show is NBC's long running nightly (Monday through Friday) hour-long comedic talk show. Originally 90 minutes and later 105 minutes long, the show features at least two or three guests each night, usually including a comedian or musical guest.

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Host From To
Steve Allen 1954 1957
Ernie Kovacs 1956 1957
Jack Paar 1957 1962
Johnny Carson October 2, 1962 May 22, 1992
Jay Leno May 25, 1992 present

During the later Steve Allen years, regular audience member Ms. Miller became such an integral part, she was forced to join the TV actors union.

Music is provided by The Tonight Show Band, currently led by Kevin Eubanks. In 2004, the long-time announcer Edd Hall was replaced by John Melendez, who was many years on the "Howard Stern Show".

For most of Johnny Carson's run on the show, the Tonight Show Band was led by Doc Severinsen and the show's announcer was Ed McMahon. By the end of the Carson years, Severinsen had become the primary substitute announcer when McMahon was absent. When Serverinsen was absent or filling in for McMahon, Tommy Newsome would lead the band.

The show's full name is currently The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. During the Carson years, it was known as The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson.

Recurring gags (Jay Leno)

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