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The Seekers
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The Seekers

The Seekers were a group of Australian folk-influenced popular musicians which was formed in Melbourne in 1963.

After domestic success in Australia, the group travelled to the UK, where the voice of singer Judith Durham, their sweet harmonies, and several catchy tunes, and non-threatening image (encouraging the BBC to give them exposure) gave them several top ten hits including Georgy Girl, which reached number 1 on the US charts in 1967.

As they and their older, conservative fans proceeded largely oblivious to the Swinging Sixties happening around them, they continued to tour and release albums for years afterwards. After the break-up of the original Seekers in 1968, one of its members, Keith Potger, created The New Seekers, a British group which bore little resemblance to the original. They were very successful and lasted until 1975, at which point Potger got together again with Athol Guy and Bruce Woodley as the Seekers.

Various lineups, some featuring Durham, continue to tour as a nostalgia act in Australia and overseas.