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The Nice
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The Nice

The Nice are a progressive rock band from the 1960s, known for their unique blend of rock, jazz and classical music. Keith Emerson, a keyboardist, formed the group and released their debut, The Thoughts of Emerlist Davjack to immediate acclaim; this is often considered the first progressive rock album. A long and wildly popular tour followed, spawning controversy when Emerson burned an American flag onstage during a performance of the band's satirical arrangement of Leonard Bernstein's America, which Emerson described as the first ever instrumental protest song.

The pinnacle of the band's artistic success was probably the Five Bridges suite, commissioned for the Newcastle Arts Festival, which was performed with a full orchestra conducted by Joseph Eger. The title refers to the city's five bridges spanning the River Tyne (two more have since been built).

By 1969, Emerson and the other band members were frustrated with their lack of mainstream success and they soon broke up. Emerson formed a band with Greg Lake (of King Crimson) and Carl Palmer (of Atomic Rooster)-- Emerson, Lake & Palmer;.

The Nice reformed in 2002 for a series of live concerts.


CD versions of Five Bridges and Elegy also include between them the whole of Autumn '67 - Spring '68 in the form of bonus tracks