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The Meaning of Life
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The Meaning of Life

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The Meaning of Life
The Meaning of Life was a Monty Python comedy film made in 1983. This film was essentially a series of comedy skits about the various stages of life - in some ways a return to the sketch comedy format of the original television series.

Warning: Plot details follow.

The resulting film is regarded as a little uneven, though which particular scenes are thought funny varies from person to person. Some more generally praised scenes include:

Because the film was not intended for television, some scenes shows a much more black humour than the Monty Python TV series (for example Mr Creosote or Human Organ Transplantation sketch).

In 2004 a "special edition" DVD was released with director's commentary, deleted scenes and behind-the-scenes documentaries, both real and spoof.

The title sequence appears to allude to The Meaning of Liff, released the same year.

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