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The Mall (London)
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The Mall (London)

The Mall in London is the road running between Buckingham Palace at the western end and Trafalgar Square through Admiralty Arch at its eastern end. It is closed to traffic on Sundays and on public holidays and ceremonial occasions.

The Queen Victoria memorial is immediately before the gates of the palace whilst Admiralty Arch at the far end leads into the square. St James's Park is on the south side of The Mall, whilst Green Park and St James's Palace are on the north side. Running off The Mall at the eastern end is Horse Guards Parade, where the ceremonial Trooping of the Colour occurs.

The Mall was created as a ceremonial route in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, matching the creation of similar ceremonial routes in other cities, from Washington DC to Paris, Berlin to Vienna. Such routes were intended to be used for major national ceremonial in the era of the nation state. As part of the development, a new facade was constructed for Buckingham Palace and the Victoria Memorial erected.

During state visits held in London, the monarch and the visiting head of state are escorted in a state carriage up the mall, which is decorated in Union Jacks and the flags of the visiting head of state's country. During the Golden Jubilee ceremonies of Queen Elizabeth II, over one million people packed the Mall to watch the public displays and the appearance of the British Royal Family on the Palace balcony.

The Mall takes its name from its former use, as an alley in which the mallet and ball game pall mall was once played.