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The Joe Schmo Show
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The Joe Schmo Show

The Joe Schmo Show is a reality TV show (actually a parody of reality game shows) on the American cable network Spike TV that began airing in September 2003.

It involves a setup that is reminiscient of the movie The Truman Show. One man, Matt Kennedy Gould, thinks he's on a reality TV show called Lap of Luxury. However, all of the other members in this reality TV show, including the host, are actually actors and the entire show is an elaborate hoax centered around the main character. All of the events and games played are staged to give a particular outcome designed to elicit a response from the main character for comedic effect.

The other "contestants" are stereotypes of common reality TV show contestants. They are (real names follow character names/descriptions):

At the end of the show, Gould received the $100,000 prize for which he was "competing."

Joe Schmo 2

In 2004, Spike TV created a second season of The Joe Schmo Show calling it Joe Schmo 2 with the tagline, "The Schmo must go on". Rather than duplicate the premise of the first season, the staff of the show decided to spoof reality dating shows instead, along the lines of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, with a "show" called Last Chance for Love. In addition, instead of having one person who wasn't in on the joke, in this season there are two, a man (Tim Walsh) and a woman (Ingrid Wiese). The series began on June 15, 2004.

Ralph Garman is the only member of the original Joe Schmo cast to be featured on Joe Schmo 2. He again plays the host, but this time, he is not known by his real name on the show. Here, he plays a pompous British television host, Derek Newcastle. The head writer for Joe Schmo 2 is Brian Keith Etheridge from the original show. The original "Joe Schmo", Matt Kennedy Gould, made a cameo appearance during Joe Schmo 2.

The show took an unexpected twist after three episodes. Wiese started to catch on to what was happening on her own, and made comments several times that the producers feared could ruin the show. The producers decided to let her in on the joke early, and offered her a choice of leaving the show or joining the cast; this aired at the start of the fourth episode. Wiese chose to join the cast. The producers then brought in another woman (Amanda Naughton) to serve as the second "schmo".

The cast members (not including Wiese) are broad stereotypes of dating-show personalities (real names follow character names):

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